Digital infrastructure

SDIA definition

The SDIA defines Digital infrastructure as
The total physical and software-based infrastructure necessary to deliver digital goods, products & services. This includes data centers, fiber infrastructure, server hardware, personnel, IT virtualization & infrastructure software, operating systems, etc.
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Other definitions

In their paper โ€œthe digital entrepreneurial ecosystemโ€ for the Small Business Economics journal, Susan and Acs define Digital Infrastructure (DI) as
Anchored in digital technologies, DI is a socially embedded mechanical system that includes technological and human components, network, systems, and processes which generate feedback loops that are self-reinforcing. [...] From an operational perspective, specifically information system service management, it is important that DI be treated as such. However, as infrastructure for a digital business model, DI should be considered as an interconnecting element of the digital business ecosystem. (Sussan & Acs, 2017)
Further elaboration on this topic can be found here.

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