Our approach to validation

Our Approach

Problem statement and goal

It can be considered a fact that digital products & services and their supply chain are incredibly complex. There is currently little to now data or tools available to accurately measure the environmental footprint of digital products & services.
Our aim with the digital environmental footprint is to enable people who make digital products & services to lower the environmental impact of those products & services.
To accomplish this we are creating a standardized approach to make a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) for digital products & services and develop a label which displays the results of the LCA transparently, creating visibility for the improvements made by the providers.
We divided the process to develop the digital environmental footprint into three steps:
  • Defining our thesis/methodology for an LCA of a software product or service
  • Applying the thesis/methodology on a narrow group of digital products & services (scenario/case study)
  • Standardizing the approach & creating a label
Source on Miro
Source on Miro