Information for steering group participants | DEF

Information for steering group participants | DEF

The purpose of the steering group is to oversee the development of a specific outcome related to an SDIA roadmap activity (see roadmap). Members of the SDIA can participate in the steering groups and provide input, feedback and support. The execution of the work towards the objective/outcome is done by the SDIA staff and select members who are contributing their time and resources. The guiding question of this group is: what information does a software application need from the infrastructure to determine its total carbon footprint?

Current objectives

  • To determine what information a software application needs and to release a draft version of a data model as an open source repository
  • To ask the software and open source community for feedback

Summary & important links

Meeting room & dial-in

SDIA: Lead & Moderation, Support

Knowledge Hub

The principles of the SDIA are transparency and openness. Therefore, all publications and deliverables are available to anyone in the Knowledge Hub, which can be accessed through the website.


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