Overview Tools & APIs

We can categorize the tools & APIs into two dimensions:
  1. that help us assess the embodied impact of the equipment and infrastructure (static)
  1. that help us determine the operational impact stemming mainly from energy & water usage (dynamic)

Embodied Impact (Static)

Embodied impacts of a physical server type

Get the impacts of a server - Boavizta API documentation

Embodied impacts for an AWS instance type

Get the impacts of a cloud instance (AWS) - Boavizta API documentation

Operational Impact (Dynamic)

Measuring on physical machines

Note that these tools will not work in Cloud or Virtualized environments as they require root-level access to the machine to call the RAPL or IPMI interfaces.
hubblo-org โ€ข Updated Feb 14, 2023

Measuring using different methods (both virtualized and physical)

The green metrics tool supports different ways to determine energy usage, including the SDIA Formulas and a machine learning model based on Spec SERT.
green-coding-berlin โ€ข Updated Feb 14, 2023

Estimating power usage of a CPU via machine learning model

green-coding-berlin โ€ข Updated Jan 13, 2023

Reference Testing

If you need to test a piece of code or a repository on a reference system in which all measurements are available, you can create Gitlab repository in our laboratory and run it on our machines.