DEF verification system

We have build a test & verification with the help of our member, Blockheating, were we can measure power consumption through different methodologies and where we have full knowledge and control of all server components & surroundings.
The servers used are similar to Cloud environments, and consist of OCP v2 refurbished systems coming from Facebookโ€™s data center. All the heat is recovered and ejected to a greenhouse nearby.
The test system is build and developed by our friends at Boavizta and Hubblo.

Grafana Monitoring

We use Grafana to monitor all aspects of the test system and to verify our mathematical formulaโ€™s as well as different measurement approaches (IPMI, Intel RAPL)
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Gitlab Runner

In order to create repeatable tests, we have build a custom Gitlab CI/CD runner to run on our test system, recording the life cycle impacts during the execution. The project is public and if you want to play with it, let us know on Mattermost.
softawere-hackathon / SoftAwere ยท GitLab
Deploy a full featured CI/CD and metrology chain to evaluate the environmental footprint of your applications.
softawere-hackathon / SoftAwere ยท GitLab
softawere-hackathon / start_here ยท GitLab
softawere-hackathon / start_here ยท GitLab