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Introducing our Knowledge Hub, our open repository of all knowledge to solve the challenges of our roadmap! โœจ
Our roadmap charts the way towards a sustainable digital economy, by identifying the key priorities and challenges that need to be solved within digital infrastructure itself. With digital infrastructure that has no negative environmental impact, is open & accessible and that enables sustainable growth, we are creating the foundation for a thriving digital economy.
We created this knowledge hub, to make our research, insights, data, research, tools, and strategies - our knowledge - available to anyone who is working on sustainable digital infrastructure. All content is open and licensed under creative commons (CC-BY-SA-4.0).
Wondering where to get started? ๐Ÿš€ Check out the taxonomy to understand our definition digital infrastructure as the supply chain for digital products & services. Go to Taxonomy โ†’




๐Ÿ““Digital Environmental Footprint๐Ÿ““Environmental Label for Digital Resources๐Ÿ““Empowering consultants to implement the roadmap


๐Ÿ““GlossaryRoadmap for Sustainable Digital InfrastructureRoadmap for Sustainable Digital Infrastructure๐Ÿ““Sustainable IT๐Ÿ““Heat Utilization๐Ÿ““European Cloud๐Ÿ““Data Center Sustainability Scorecard
๐Ÿ““Data Center Metrics๐Ÿ““Cloud Economics๐Ÿ““Digital Economics

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