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Welcome to Cluster 🥳

Thank you for choosing Cluster as your new documentation template. Everything you need to get started is included below 👇

Layout and Synced Blocks

Cluster uses a specific layout structure and synced blocks to maintain good design throughout your site. Check the video out above to learn more.

Adding a new page

  1. Head to the bottom of your Cluster homepage on Notion and open the grey Control Panel 🎛' Toggle block.
  2. Click the 'New Page +' button which will generate a new empty page using the Cluster layout.
  3. Next change the content of the page to your needs.
  4. Then move the page to wherever you need by drag-and-dropping or right click and hit 'move'.

Using Cluster's blocks

This video explains how to create the unique blocks in Cluster. As a general guide I recommend duplicating items from the 'Blocks' Page and using them throughout the site.

  • To create a bordered subheading use '/quote'
  • To create a button use a '/callout' with a default background colour and a link on a single line of text
  • To create a 'icon cards block' use '/gallery' with properties > card size > small
  • To create a 'cards block' use use '/gallery' with properties > card size > medium
  • To create a 'Call to action text block' use '/callout' with a background colour, a first line of bold text, a second line of standard text and a third line with linked text. Use Shift+Enter/Shift+Return to create a new line.
  • To create a 'Message block', just add a background colour to the text block.

Adding columns within columns

If you want to add multiple nested columns in the Cluster template you can use a tool I created here to make it super easy. You can duplicate it for free at the bottom of the description. Watch this video to see how it works!