Onboarding Guide

Onboarding Guide

Congratulations, you are now part of a growing community of organizations & individuals committed to transparency and working on digital sustainability.

Meet the staff:

You might have already met some of our staff, but below are a few key contact points for any requests & questions you might have.
  • Daan Terpstra leads the organization and is also the point of contact for policy & communication activities.
  • Julie Chenadec is responsible for our community & engagement through events.
  • Kimberly Jahnel is responsible for our finances & membership contributions

What you can do now:

Before you act in our community, please make sure to review the Code of Conduct. And make sure you follow us on Social Media: ๐Ÿ‘‰ย Twitterย andย LinkedIn.

As an individual contributor:

As a contributing member organization:

As a partner organization:

As a research organization:

Install Mattermost on Desktop & Mobile

Most of our community runs on the open-source community platform Mattermost, which is hosted by one of our members, Scale Up Technologies.
You can install the desktop & mobile apps from the Mattermost website.
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Do you have questions?

You can reach our community team (Julie Chenadec) in the Community Mattermost or contact us at [email protected].